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      Travelling is one thing; travelling with children is another. One problem with travel guide-books is they don' t speak to children, who can get bored.

      Enter HolidayKids, a new travel guide series (系列 ) that not only focuses on child-friendly places, but also is written for children. The series from Holiday Books cover Hong Kong, Beijing,Bali, Sydney, London and New York.

      Written by Gerald McCune, a Hong Kong based Children' s walter, the series taps into the knowledge of parents ( and their children) about what inca particular place plays well with children,either from repeated visits or from living there.

      The idea is to speak to children directly so they will take part more actively in planning and in later tours. One café review for example reads: "Your parents can have a cup of coffee, while you enjoy a fruit cake and something really sweet, like a chocolate ice cream. "

      But the books don' t sugarcoat everything. A passage about Bali' s Uluwatu temple ( 寺庙 )warns of "hawkers ( people who try and sell you things) pushing" and of monkeys stealing things.

      There isn' t too much of that, and the series doesn' t include anything that isn' t child-friendly.

      Their colorful pages are full of attractive pictures and photos by Sally Denney. They are well organized into playfully named sections like" Food, Delicious Food" (restaurants) and "Talking with the Animals" (zoos). Many of the restaurants reviewed show their tasty food with lively pic-tures. For example, the Natural Restaurant in Phuket serves delicious Thai dishes and is built around "trees that the owners didn' t have the heart to cut down".

      This writing-for-kids series lacks some useful information though: you won' t f'md details about hotels or prices because kids don' t book rooms or worry about money. The guides aim to help one' s travel research. Available for HK $ 90 at major bookshops.

      24. What is the purpose of the text?

      A. To compare guided tours.

      B. To discover new places of Interest.

      C. To introduce a book series.

      D. To show ways of writing for children.

      25. How many places does the travel guide series cover?

      A. Three.

      B. Four.

      C. Five.

      D. Six.

      26. What does the underlined word "sugarcoat" in paragraph 5 mean?

      A. Tell something in a child-friendly way.

      B. Make something look better than it is.

      C. Attract children' s interest in something.

      D. Give people warnings about something.










      24.c 【精析】主旨题。题干意为“这篇文章的写作目的是什么?”通读全文可以知道,作者是向我们介绍了一套适合儿童阅读的旅行指南系列。故C正确。

      25.D 【精析】细节题。题干意为“这套旅行指南涵盖了几个地方?”从文章第二段最后一句话“The series from Holiday Books covey Hong Kong,Beijing,Bali,Sydney,London and New York.”可以推断出,共涵盖了六个地方。故D正确。

      26.B 【精析】推断题。题干意为“第五段中加下划线的单词‘sugar-coat’是什么意思?”前面第四段介绍了本书在引导孩子方面的积极作用,后面第五段接着描述书中还介绍了巴厘岛上发生的一些不好现象,由此可以推断出第五段第一句应该是一个转折句。表明书中并不完全都是介绍真善美的,也有对社会不友善现象的阐述。所以画线的单词应该是表示“并不只描述好的而刻意忽略不好的”之意。sugarcoat实际意思是“粉饰,裹以糖衣”。故B正确。

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