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      Although not as much as in the past, grandparents are the teachers of the Navajo(纳瓦霍人)youth. They make young people aware of life at an early age. The parents grant them the privilege of teaching the children, and the grandparents take great pride in raising the children or at least hav-ing a big part in raising them.

      Young children often stay with their grandparents for years at a time, developing a close and trusting relationship. The grandparents teach the children Navajo legends and the principle of life,emphasizing both new culture trends and the preservation of traditions.

      The grandparents are also often the leading figures in teaching the youth the arts of weaving,caring for the livestock, using herbal medicine, and other arts and crafts.

      The children are taught to respect their elders, to care for them, to help them whenever they are in need, and to learn from them. Young people are urged to listen with care to the words of their elders and to keep as much wisdom as possible. Grandparents often go to social gatherings and traditional events, and the young have opportunities to learn more about their culture and traditions.

      I live with my grandmother for thirteen years, and she raised me in the old ways of our peo-ple. Although I was going to school, she taught me as much as she could about our traditions. She was a beautiful woman. If I had a chance, I would listen again to her wise teachings, expressed with kindness in a soft voice that touched my heart.

      We used to plant corn and pumpkin every summer. They never grew big enough to feed us,but we planted them anyway. I asked my grandmother why. She said, "Grandson, our plants will be far more beautiful than the flowers outside the fence. " I did not understand until one day I saw their beauty as I was coming over the hill with her. She said, "Anything that is a part of you is al-ways far more beautiful than the things which you pass by. " We had some beautiful years togeth-er. I am glad she is a part of me and I am a part of her.

      Children used to be well disciplined, possessing more respect for culture, tradition, and be-liefs than they do now. The world of the Navajo has been influenced by the western world, and the grandparents have less control and influence than they used to. But the young people who have been touched by their teachings have glimpsed a way of life beyond what most people know today.

      27. From Paragraph 1 we can learn that__________.

      A. children learn about the meaning of life from their grandparents

      B. grandparents are usually unwilling to teach their grandchildren

      C. schools are not very popular with the Navajo youth

      D. parents hate to take the trouble to raise children

      28. The author' s grandmother planted corn and pumpkin because she__________.

      A. hated wild flowers

      B. needed to feed her family

      C. tried to make her fence more beautiful

      D. wanted her grandson to learn a life lesson

      29. In the author' s opinion,__________.

      A. grandparents are the source of traditional culture

      B. his grandmother's teaching could replace schooling

      C. the western world is hardly influenced by the Navajos

      D. it is impossible to get grandparents involved in teaching again

      30. The purpose of the article is to__________.

      A. honor the author' s grandmother

      B. share with readers a Navajo culture

      C. emphasize the greatness of Navajo

      D.introduce the development of Navajo tribes









      27.A 【精析】细节题。题干意为“从第一段中,我们可以得出__________。”

      由文章第一段第二句“They make young people aware of life at ail ear-ly age.”可知,孩子们从祖父母那里学到了生命的意义。故A正确。

      28.D 【精析】推断题。题干意为“作者的祖母种植玉米和南瓜是因为她__________。”由文章第六段第四句祖母的回答“Grandson,our plants will be far more beautiful than the flowers outside the fence.”和本段倒数第二句“Anything that is a part of you is always far more beautiful than the things which you pass by.”可以推断出,种植玉米和南瓜是为了让孩子明白生命的道理。故D正确。

      29.A 【精析】推断题。题干意为“在作者看来,__________。”由文章第五段第二句“…she taught me as much as she could about our tradi-tions.”可以推断出,祖父母是作者了解传统文化的主要途径。故A正确。

      30.B 【精析】主旨题。题干意为“这篇文章的写作目的是__________。”通读全文可以知道,这篇文章主要向读者介绍了“祖父母抚养孩子”这样一种纳瓦霍人的文化现象。故B正确。

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